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A creative agency for TikTok

We specialize in crafting custom content that stirs emotion and drives results.

A Tiktok creative agency In the suburbs of California with a simple formula for our client's success.

Listen, Plan, Create.

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Services We Offer

Media Buying

At Emotion media, our media buying department, we scale the shit out of your ads. We do it PROFITABLY. We take a TikTok centric approach but we also supercharge your FB/IG commercials with over 5+ years of combined experience. 

Creative Content

At Emotion media, our content department, we make ad creatives that SELL. The main factor of success on tiktok is content, and we’ve mastered it. We have an in-house team that systematically creates hundreds of pieces of content every week for brands on TikTok.

About Us

More than just a team who delivers 'results'

"We’re driven, we’re young, we’re honest. We become an extension to your team, your goals are our goals. Whether you’re a non-profit, emerging brand, family business or corporate goliath you’re here because you recognize the impact content can have. Emotion Media listens, adapts and works with you to bring your online presence from meh to whoa."

About ua

The problems - Here’s what you’re up against in 2022.

1 -Your commercials are ‘fatiguing’ quickly and your ROAS is suffering.

2 - You don't have the resources, people, and creativity to grow at the scale you know you can.

3 - You need fresh ideas and more insight into what’s working for other brands in 2022.

The process of creating a brand has evolved. Advertising on social media has evolved. It's likely that your content approach may need to adapt as well.

The Solutions - Fresh Eyes for POWERFUL BRANDS

A data-first approach.

In 2022, the most powerful lever you can use to increase performance and fully create your brand is creativity.

With our in-house team of superstars, we handle everything from creative planning to model procurement, shooting, editing, and copywriting.

Unlike anybody else in the business, our crew is trained to comprehend e-commerce and performance marketing, and we approach content production with a data-first perspective.

Some Humble Brags ...

Saving the best for last.

Case Studies

Project Save My Bee

Helped Generate $150k+

We tested a high-quality ad and then found scalability through a more personal humor style creative. We were able to help Project Save A Bee grow to from $0 to $150k+ In just five months.

Maintained: 2.5 ROAS at scale

Created an awesome community due to the style of our ads

Astro Lit

Generated $370k+

We helped Astro Lit scale to $370k In just 3 months, we realized that just showing the transformation with a cool feel to It really resonated with their audience, allowing us to scale using only Instagram stories ads. 100% our content.

Maintained: 2.5 ROAS at scale

Created an awesome community due to the style of our ads

The Blanket Hoodies

Generated Over $2Million Dollars In Two Months .

We decided to master TikTok , our team cracked the code which allowed us to help Blanket Hoodies scale to new heights. We learned the amount of content needed to reach that scale and the style that converted at the time. 100% all our content.

We did $256k In 1 day

Average Order value increased B y:  2 .1 x

Reached over 100M people


TikTok is the #1 downloaded app of 2020. TikTok’s algorithm favors virality and rewards emerging influencers, making it the perfect platform for brands seeking efficient reach.


Most downloaded app globally in March 2020


Most downloaded app globally in March 2020


of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24


of U.S. TikTok users make over $100k annually


TikTok installs worldwide


monthly active TikTok users in the U.S.

Our Competitive Advantage

The data is clear: Gen Z/Y communities are influencing the entire business landscape. Are you keeping up?

In Action

We do what we preach, Our team grows internal brands ulitilizing our e-commerce experience and services to scale. We're playing the game not just talking about It.


We partner with media buying agencies that help us understand what content Is currently working In multiple different niches. We share our eyes so we can see results together.


We are the new generation of storytellers, we can rapidly adapt to new trends and execute on ideas faster than most.


We never struggle coming up with new marketing angles, or ways to showcase your brand, our team is fully immerse in all social media platforms, allowing us to constantly bring new ideas to the table.


Our TikTok Centric Approach To Growth Advertising

If you answer YES to the following questions, then you’re a good fit!

TikTok Centric Approach

We've successfully implemented a Tiktok centric approach to driving profit. We’re early adopters of the most lucrative and scalable digital channel available right now, and therefore know how to drive profit in a much harsher digital marketing environment. iOS updates, tracking issues, and a lack of digital content are amongst the issues which have driven down profit and opportunity in the industry. We've thrived amongst all this, by becoming experts at Tiktok advertising, content creation, and organic growth.If you're an e-commerce owner that isn't yet utilizing Tiktok as your #1 growth opportunity, we'll allow you to exploit the platform with maximum impact. 

World Class Creative Team

Short form video has taken over the media and marketing landscape. Simply put: we create creatives that SELL, and LOTS of it. In order to thrive on Tiktok as a growth channel, you're going to need more content than you've ever had access to before. Creatives have a much shorter lifespan on Tiktok and that content needs to be native to the platform. Most growth agencies aren't able to provide creatives to supply your ad campaigns in general, let alone provide high converting creatives at scale. Our in-house team has mastered short form content for ad driven growth.


As brand owners ourselves, we know that profit is the lifeline of your business. The main website metrics that impact your margin levels are your Conversion Rate and Average Order Value in regard to ad spend. We've pushed these two levers countless times in our own business portfolio to supercharge the rest of our marketing activity, and to add handsomely to the bottom line. As eCom brand owners, we'll provide the strategic advice you’ll need to fully optimize your business. 

Omnichannel Approach to Marketing

iOS issues aside, your customers still exist on facebook. Having the right strategy for FB and IG ads and implementing it with the proper systems are the difference between 6 figure brands and 7 or 8 figure brands. We understand that and understand how to scale your ad spend from a few thousands a day to up to $20,000+ a day. 

We Are Currently LIMITED On The Number of Clients We Can Take

If you answer YES to the following questions, then you’re a good fit!

Are you ready to dive all in with TikTok advertising?
Are you able to handle AT LEAST 200% growth in the next 6 months?

What are the next steps ?

  • Book Your Delivery Call with us
    This is first stage. We will jump on a call with you to get to know you and see if we are the right fit for each other. We consider many things, the number one of which is whether or not our agency can truly help you to achieve your long term revenue and profit goals.
  • Business Audit
    Most agencies just do an advertising platform account audit. We prefer to look at the WHOLE picture. We look at your FB/IG and TikTok Advertising to see where we can improve your marketing. We also look at your product pages and business as a whole to see if there’s ways we can improve your Average Order Value or your customer Lifetime Value since these factors affect profitability significantly and our number one goal is to make you more profits.
  • Onboarding
    A full week where our team works directly with yours to systemize and set you up with our tech stack. As well as any and all reporting that will help us make all the best decisions for your business. We also use this time to get a hand on as many of your SKU’s as possible so we can start building content around it.
  • Growth Strategy: Testing & Scaling
    We work with you directly to finalize your new content and advertising strategy which will help you scale your business to its desired levels. This phase takes a minimum of 4-8 weeks for us to truly understand your advertising accounts and to build a plan around growth.
discovery call

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Let's discover if we can help you achieve your growth goals through bold, onbrand content.

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